Greenville Functional Medicine

Treating Causes Not Conditions

Greenville Functional Medicine

At Greenville Functional Medicine, we are focused on providing medical treatments that enables you to live a healthy life.  We integrate alternative medicine using bio-identical hormones, I.V. Therapy for nutritional and immune support, Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy, the Kondrot Eye Restoration Therapy, and several other services. At Greenville Functional Medicine we desire to establish a relationship with each patient that enables us to teach them the core principles to maintain their healthy state of living.

With aging comes inevitable decreases in quality of life and function.  At Greenville Functional Medicine we seek ways to  help our patients achieve the absolute optimum in health and vitality.  Although medications are sometimes necessary for certain conditions, they tend to mask or exacerbate existing problems. Therefore, although we are well versed in prescription drugs, they are not the primary tool in our tool kit to help you achieve better health.

Our primary concern at Greenville Functional Medicine is to help all our patients achieve the very best possible health.  Therefore treatments are completely customized for each patient.  We utilize state-of-the-art Functional Medicine testing to help us determine the absolute best approach for each person.  We make each person's care our priority.

We are completely locally owned and operated.